About Us

We are an Indian network of students, academics and professionals building better economics in society and the classroom.

What do we engage with the reading circle?

We meet fortnightly (online platform) to discuss readings from Pluralist and Heterodox Economics. We also read other inter-disciplinary work to expand the discourse on Economics discipline beyond the mainstream hegemony.

Listen to the session recordings here.

How to join?

Email us at [email protected] or join using the form.

If you are interested in moderating or being a discussant for the reading circle sessions, please feel free to write to us at [email protected]. We also welcome any recommendations on the possible themes or readings for our future sessions. You can check out themes for upcoming months at the end below.

Note: To see the readings below, please click on the toggle for it to drop down.

What are we reading?

November & December 2020 Theme: Economics Philosophy and Methodology


January Theme : Feminist Economics

February Theme : Capitalism

March Theme: Better Economics for Climate

April Theme: Economics of Social Justice

May Theme: Informal Labour & Future of Work

June Theme: History of Economic Thought

July Theme: Economics of Education

August Theme: Post COVID-19 and Sustainable Recovery (Global South)

September Theme: Modern Monetary Theory

October Theme: Behavioural Economics

November Theme: Capitalist Realism

December 2021 - March 2022: Break

April 2022 Theme: Economic Models of China and the Asian Tigers

May 2022 - Growth Theory

June 2022 - Economics of Agriculture

July 2022 - Economic Nativism versus Globalisation